What are the Actual Reasons Behind the Trump Agenda?

By George Reed for Clean-Up On Aisle Four

Many an educated pundit has spent long columns analyzing the Trump Agenda and its associated but slanted counter-part in the Republican-Controlled Congress.  They want to know *why* our Government would subject themselves to an onslaught of ridicule, resistance, and criticism when there is seemingly not enough gain rendered for the chaos engendered.

There is a method to the madness, but you have to think way out of the Litterbox to call it.

Idiocracy requires idiots.  It requires fear.  It requires confusion.  It requires a majority of the population to feel comfortable unplugging their brains.  The output of idiocracy is that government is shuffled off to bask in the glow of irrelevance, and the world is run by–and to the advantage of–super-corporations and the billionaires who run them.  Motive:  Greed.

What are essential elements of such an agenda?

  • Obfuscate and degrade education. Chase the money out of where most of the students are located, slash standards, and reward mediocrity.  All those who are possessed of a heart beat and an internet connection can see that the Academic agenda these days is directly suited to a dumbing down of the worker drones and eliminating the middle class.
  • Take action that empowers a rich getting richer scheme.
    • Start by eliminating pesky environmental regulations. Let the big hitters take what they want, and joe-little-guy can just drink water with a side of coal ash, and plant his crops in a dust bowl.
    • Get people to believe the water is not that dirty, the soil is not polluted, that glowing slag is a handy night light and that climate change is science fiction. Recently US Representative Todd Rokita (R – Indiana 4th) was asked what would convince him that climate change was real.  He replies that “nothing will convince him climate change is not just liberal science…”  He has done so on more than one occasion.  The idiocrasy hands out the messaging and all its friends are to speak from the hymnal, no matter how bad it gets.
    • Pull the teeth from the EPA, stifle Energy policy, kill trade deals that require us to be a responsible nation, and isolate by annoying all of the neighbors. Other than the Swallows at Capistrano, I think the current leadership has offended everyone.  When the next immigration order covers the swallows, they’ll likely be annoyed too.
    • Tell the (now) under-educated masses that this is GREAT. If you have hamstrung the education system properly, people will be delighted to hear good news for once and just move along.
    • Remove pesky restrictions to Wall Street and High Finance. Who cares what the Ponzi folks are up to, or what Wells Fargo did.  That was a blip and we have to stop choking growth.  Mind you, the growth they are referring to is their own bank balances.
  • Wave the Flag of Dire Peril With the crazy in the world, it is easy to say some group or another is behind it.  Make them the big bad enemy and if all else fails, instigate a few incidents and then collect up everyone’s personal liberties as we just have to make America safe again.
  • If All Else Fails, start a war. I know, this seems extreme, but nothing rallies people around the flag like a live, large scale shooting war.  Can anyone else guess a good reason we are suddenly jousting with North Korea, China, and Russia?  I am thinking boredom is not a root cause.
  • Put a laughable. Familiar figure in charge. Does anyone reading this think the world takes the President seriously right now?  Our allies cringe and mock, and our enemies cackle.


So what does all of this mean?  That is a fair question.  It means that we are either at around half time of the movie Idiocracy, or a mystical confluence of the Power of Stupid has taken hold of all three branches of the Federal government and many of our states.  In Indiana, the revered State Assembly adjourned for the year in Mid-April, after covering only a small percentage of the legislative agenda it had agreed to.  Sadly, a bill to reverse the horrific gerrymandering in Indiana failed to be one of the few matters they had time for.  Could I be wrong?  Possibly.  I do have to say I would find chalking all this up to accidental incompetence a bit difficult to buy.

What can we do?  Observe.  Speak out.  Show Up.  Resist. Bloody get out the vote in 2018 and 2020.  We let this happen with apathy, but the good news is we can correct it with perseverance and intention.


Who’s in?

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