Stealing from Working Families is “Flexibility” Now, Is It?

George L Reed, for Clean Up On Aisle Four


So the House finally did it.  They found a way to be more-outlandish that the President’s tax plan.  This time the victim(s) once again are the working middle class and the beneficiaries are….wait for it….. Big Business.


Ruthless Employers are a couple of steps away from being able to lawfully scam their workers out of overtime pay.  Further, if you live in a Right To Work state (Another sham, that phrase just means they can fire you for any reason at any time), they can threaten to fire you unless you provide them free work.  I sent a letter–I know, I can imagine your shock and surprise–off to Mr. Rokita and to Senators Donnelly and Young of Indiana.

I wonder if anyone replies?  If you are keeping score, Since November 9th I have sent 141 letters and faxes to my elected Indiana Officials and received one reply–A boilerplate answer on the wrong topic.



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