The Art of Misdirection – What the AHCA Really Means

By George Reed, for Clean up on Aisle Four.

Much has been made about the AHCA that passed the House and will not even be voted upon by the US Senate.  Conservative pundits will tell you it reduces premiums, and covers everyone.  Angry Liberals are pointing out the pre-existing conditions that are cited.  Centrists point out that the bill does not preclude coverage for things like sexual assault and child birth.

It turns out that some of all of these are correct and it means terrible things if anything like it becomes the law of the land.  By the way, there is no evidence that greedy insurance companies will turn down profits and just give us all lower premiums.  I have worked in that field and the welfare of the covered person is *not* their focus.

Pre-existing conditions are not a reason to exclude coverage by the letter of the law in this bill.  The permission for states to allow insurers to hike coverage costs massively and reduce how much is covered for pre-existing conditions is a death sentence.  And this doom awaits the 20 million people on coverage protected by the ACA.  There are also 4 million veterans who are in peril.  The sneaky surprise is that the Bill allows this to be applied to the 169 million Americans getting coverage via their employers.


So if you have any of the dozens–if not hundreds–of historical conditions labeled pre-existing, your friendly insurance provider may cheerfully hike your premium up to 500% and lower what is covered by millions.  The Feds get to say they delegated the waivers to the states, and the states get to say they are just enforcing the law of the land. All the finger pointing considered, we still have nigh 200 million Americans set up for bankruptcy and/or death.

Nice job GOP.  I hope you enjoyed the contributions–and other, more-shady considerations big business, billionaires, and insurance companies gave you to sell out 200 million tax payers.  185 million of these good folks are registered voters and they will be sending you a little message in November of 2018.  Even if the Senate get a clue and stops this Trumpster Fire, we will recall that you, the 217 corrupt congressmen and congresswomen did it.

We will persist and we will elect people with integrity, vision, and compassion.


And it won’t be you.

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