Fifty one inches of Rain.

So our Intrepid Twitter in Chief took a fly-over to visit Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  Said Hurricane made landfall not that long after the Compassionate Commander in Chief made America great again by stripping federal protections against flooding in major cities.  The irony would burn if it was not for the tens of thousands flooded out of their homes and the number of lives lost.  (Spoiler alert:  Any number greater than 0 is too many.)

In ten minutes of remarks, Mr. Trump praised himself 11 times, and went on about the Crowd size.  What is really compensating for here?  These are people in need, not campaign contributions to rack up.

I sent my Congressional Delegation a note on the subject of climate change and the fact that Harvey just dumped 1.4 trillion gallons of scientific evidence of that fact on Texas.


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