Americans elect their Senators under a few basic assumptions. Yes, yes, I know the old adage about Assume makes an ASS out of U and ME, but it is what it is).  We assume the Senate will come to work and forward an agenda that serves, protects, defends, and improves the community, security, and prosperity of America.  It is their job.  We also assume that they will tell us the truth.  It is a felony to lie to the Senate–even if not under oath, so it feels reasonable to me that they should tell the truth.

They are not.  They are lying through their teeth on this latest sham-a-lama-scam-scam they are calling a healthcare bill.  I sent the below letter to my Senators from Indiana, and hope my ever growing audience will share, forward, talk about my letter and write their own.

senate letter 21 sept

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