The great Distractor in Chief was working overtime this weekend when he started another twitter fight–this time with the entire NFL.  We can argue another time whether the kneeling thing at NFL games is really an issue, but peaceful expressions of protest and a President demanding that NFL Owners fire the (Expletive omitted) who protest created a firestorm of controversy overnight.  A lot of people got fairly irate that the President was ordering private business owners to fire employees who were conducting lawful, peaceful protests.

The firestorm was not an accident.  He meant to create it.  He probably does not care about National anthems and who sits or stands.  What the President wanted, needed even, was to get our minds off the latest episode of “Grand Theft Oxygen meets the Republican Approach to Healthcare and Tax reform.  As I have already seen Senate hopefuls Rokita and Messer weigh in on the President’s side, I took a few moments to ask my Representatives to not be distracted.


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