Sad to say, Ladies and Gentlemen, but the President came to Indiana and laid a big fat egg.  Now, to be fair, I adore an omelette as much as anyone, but this egg was way past it’s expiration date.  The Big Guy unveiled a tax plan that repeats a ridiculous Republican Strategy that has failed 7 times in the last 100 years…

Taking from the poor to give to the rich has been a recipe for failure and Party–and/or regime–change for centuries.

After failing, again, to strip healthcare from Americans who need it most, the Administration returns to their oppression tool box by starting fights with the NFL, destroying public education, and rolling out huge tax cuts for their largest campaign donors.  The President has had a busy week, no wonder he had no time to help 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico.  (I am sure the delay was not because he bilked Puerto Rico out of 34 million dollars with one of his failed property schemes.)

I sent along some thoughts to my congressional delegation.


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