Your Republican Congress is laughing at you.  Right now.  While you were all screaming about automatic weapons and Border Walls, the House snuck through a nasty bit of business.  They are giving 1.3 trillion in annual tax cuts to people making more than 1 million a year and gutting education, medicare, medicaid,  food for the hungry, and healthcare for nine million children.  They plan to use the appropriations bill to slide through the senate a sneaky de-funding of Care markets.

They will tell you it is fiscal responsibility to raise taxes on the middle class.  They will argue that they are getting the federal government out of the healthcare business.  They will accidentally forget to remember to mention that no state, such as Indiana, can suddenly find 14 billion a year to make up for the shortfalls.  They will wheel out Ditzy DeVos to tell us that private schools that score less favorably than public schools need the education dollars.  The will rush out good old “Tall Tale” Todd Rokita to cheer on how they are making America great again.

They even got the paper-towel-chucker-in-chief to roll back Obama-era Birth Control protection for women. More mean-spirited distraction in the Trumpster Fire White House.

Can you believe we live in a country in a time where a woman’s uterus is more-highly regulated than automatic weapons and silencers?

My Question for Congress is this:  Why do Americans who clearly hate the middle class want to lead the middle class?  That is a fair question.  It is because they (Congress) will still need the middle class to prop up (and fund) their crazy.

Sky-Net feels more and more reasonable all the time…


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