So Congress has fundamentally declared all of you readers are morons.  Every one of you.  You are so far beyond clueless that the light from clueless takes 1 million years to strike your windows.  Mean words to be fair and oh so appropriate.  While the President is having lover squabbles with Rocket Man on twitter and Roy Moore cannot see a lynching coming his way, Congress is voting this week to repeal 13 million people’s healthcare, give tax cuts to the rich and de-fund public works programs that will harm 200 million Americans.  Oh, and 40% of us get an immediate tax *hike* and by 2027 it is 80%.

They are doing this with a strategy no more complicated than “Hey!  Look!  Your shoe is untied!”

Natch I got wind of it by paying attention and sent off some love to my Congressional delegation to let them know we are not idiots and are watching closely.


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