When will the “look out behind you” strategy stop working in Washington DC?  We’ll get back to that question but it is a very fair one.  Once again something outlandish and improbable is thrown out there to try and make us fail to notice a few small matters…

Some are, in no particular order:

  • The Porter Scandal.  In the era of #MeToo, a senior White House aide with a penchant for hitting the women in his life is unacceptable.
  • The Vice President trying to use a gay Olympian as a get-out-of-bigotry-free card.
  • The Mueller Investigation
  • US Congress is derailing its own investigations, intentionally, with faked memo’s and a crass inability to read (or write).
  • POTUS tweeting about a tragedy involving an illegal resident–but failing to tweet about even a single one of the 3,497 drunk driving deaths inflicted during his first year in office–all by legal immigrants save this case involving an NFL player
  • DACA not yet replaced with a feasible replacement or extended
  • One Government Shut-down already and another possible.
  • We are the only country on the planet larger than a Volkswagon bus that is not a part of the Paris Environmental Accords.
  • We risk losing billions in farm revenue per year if Mexico decides to shop elsewhere.  There are debates on exactly how much and by when, but we do sell billions of dollars a year in agricultural products into Mexico.

Skip all that though.  Just liberal hunches and Fake News, right?  Wrong.  Every one of the above matters are visible in public records.

Back to parades.  Parades are traditionally held to celebrate something or as a means of making up for small hands and it is pretty easy to tell which is which.  When North Korea throws a parade, it is to look impressive mean and angry. When France throws one, they are memorializing a day when the common citizen said enough.  I think we can all guess that the proposed Parade in DC–(Which won’t happen because the DC District will not approve 50 ton tanks and such de-paving the city)– is compensating for small hands and #FirstWorldCombOverProbs

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