Sneaky Much?

So Congress has fundamentally declared all of you readers are morons.  Every one of you.  You are so far beyond clueless that the light from clueless takes 1 million years to strike your windows.  Mean words to be fair and oh so appropriate.  While the President is having lover squabbles with Rocket Man on twitter and Roy Moore cannot see a lynching coming his way, Congress is voting this week to repeal 13 million people’s healthcare, give tax cuts to the rich and de-fund public works programs that will harm 200 million Americans.  Oh, and 40% of us get an immediate tax *hike* and by 2027 it is 80%.

They are doing this with a strategy no more complicated than “Hey!  Look!  Your shoe is untied!”

Natch I got wind of it by paying attention and sent off some love to my Congressional delegation to let them know we are not idiots and are watching closely.


The wins last night are a cause for hope, not celebration…

I am not generally the person advising caution when progressive values score a win or three, but there is a peril in getting comfortable.  Many Americans got very comfortable with a progressive, dignified President for 8 years and look where we ended up a year ago.  I find myself preoccupied today for reasons very different that last year, for now we have a new enemy to confront:  Complacence.  The wins last night are not a cause for Ovation, they are a cause for consideration.  The wins last night are a cause for hope, not celebration

I am well pleased that in an off election year so many people turned out to the polls and turned some of the worst of the political swamp out into the streets.  I am delighted that a transgender candidate won an election against the self-proclaimed homophobe of Virginia.  I am more pleased that she (Danica Roem) is a hard working, progressive woman, who campaigned solely on issues impacting her district.  When asked to comment on snide remarks made by her opponent after the election was called, she had the dignity and class to refused to say anything bad about him as he was one of her constituents now.  Spoiler alert:  Voters of the Virginia 13th… You just did an amazing job for each other.

I am delighted that a couple of kingpins of the republican swamp lost the governor races in New Jersey and Virgina.  I do not know the governor-elect of Virginia well, but I can tell you that if the winner in New Jersey is smarter than a number six anvil, then the Garden State just got a heck of an upgrade.


We must not be complacent.  We still have an unqualified, misogynistic blow-hard in the White House. Every day he is in office is a day closer to Armageddon.  We have a vile serpent as his second.  Mr. Pence has long thought it appropriate for a band of old, white men to decide what happens to a woman’s health. We have a Republican Congress pressing through a tax bill that raises taxes for me, and you, and you, and you, and well, anyone making less than a million dollars a year.  They hid it well–just like they hid giving Churches (cults) the right to spend money to support political campaigns–but it is clear that they are about to pay for their tax breaks by screwing 60 million Americans in 2018, 120 million by 2020, and heaven only knows how many by 2022.

The time is now.  The time for a sustained clarion call is here.  In every city.  In every county.  In every state.  We need progressive voices out there.  We need progressive voters registered.  We need progressive values restored and Democracy given a chance to flourish.  We must not become Germany and Italy of 1935.  We must not let our leaders take away inclusion, jobs and healthcare from those who asked them to serve.  We need 2018 to be the year that the middle class took back Congress and restored the faith of us all in the system.

We must have towns, cities, counties, states, a nation, and a world where *everyone* has a chance to live healthy, free lives, and prosper.

We must not go gentle into that good night….

Yes.  It was a very good night.

But we need so many more….

You can join the cause…

George Reed for Indiana 40th



“Art of the Double Standard” used to Hide Fraudulent Tax Legislation

People seem to think that the GOP is deranged.  They are not.  They are wildly clever.  They elected a President that is more trouble for them than they expected, but in the end, He is just what they need.  While we are all flipping out over Trumps tweets, double standards, fake news, and alternative facts, they are stealthily trying to sneak a 429 page disaster through Congress before Thanksgiving.  Well, unlike some tasty roast turkeys, We here at Cleanup on Aisle Four and the Reed for Indiana Campaign are not going gently into the Thanksgiving oven.  Ladies and Gentlemen!  Release the resist-bot (Txt resist to 50409 to join in)


nov 3 resist

The Curious Curse of a Confused Congress

There have been some memes of wonder this week on social media that propose to ask about the addled priorities of our Republican-dominated Congress.  There are not enough cans of “Fake News!” paint on earth to hide the holes in the current agenda.  I took a few minutes to ask my elected officials what they were going to do to fix it.  I expect to get no reply at all, but one must try…


We’ll just have the President Tweet that the New Budget is the best thing ever! Everyone will believe that!

Your Republican Congress is laughing at you.  Right now.  While you were all screaming about automatic weapons and Border Walls, the House snuck through a nasty bit of business.  They are giving 1.3 trillion in annual tax cuts to people making more than 1 million a year and gutting education, medicare, medicaid,  food for the hungry, and healthcare for nine million children.  They plan to use the appropriations bill to slide through the senate a sneaky de-funding of Care markets.

They will tell you it is fiscal responsibility to raise taxes on the middle class.  They will argue that they are getting the federal government out of the healthcare business.  They will accidentally forget to remember to mention that no state, such as Indiana, can suddenly find 14 billion a year to make up for the shortfalls.  They will wheel out Ditzy DeVos to tell us that private schools that score less favorably than public schools need the education dollars.  The will rush out good old “Tall Tale” Todd Rokita to cheer on how they are making America great again.

They even got the paper-towel-chucker-in-chief to roll back Obama-era Birth Control protection for women. More mean-spirited distraction in the Trumpster Fire White House.

Can you believe we live in a country in a time where a woman’s uterus is more-highly regulated than automatic weapons and silencers?

My Question for Congress is this:  Why do Americans who clearly hate the middle class want to lead the middle class?  That is a fair question.  It is because they (Congress) will still need the middle class to prop up (and fund) their crazy.

Sky-Net feels more and more reasonable all the time…


While They Thought We Were Sleeping…

In a new example of the duplicitous dismissal of the American People by their Elected Congress (a problem becoming catastrophically commonplace)  healthcare has been quietly taken away from nearly 9 million children.  We here at Cleanup on Aisle Four failed to remember to forget to plug our brains in this week, spotted it, and have weighed in with our elected officials.