“Art of the Double Standard” used to Hide Fraudulent Tax Legislation

People seem to think that the GOP is deranged.  They are not.  They are wildly clever.  They elected a President that is more trouble for them than they expected, but in the end, He is just what they need.  While we are all flipping out over Trumps tweets, double standards, fake news, and alternative facts, they are stealthily trying to sneak a 429 page disaster through Congress before Thanksgiving.  Well, unlike some tasty roast turkeys, We here at Cleanup on Aisle Four and the Reed for Indiana Campaign are not going gently into the Thanksgiving oven.  Ladies and Gentlemen!  Release the resist-bot (Txt resist to 50409 to join in)


nov 3 resist

The Curious Curse of a Confused Congress

There have been some memes of wonder this week on social media that propose to ask about the addled priorities of our Republican-dominated Congress.  There are not enough cans of “Fake News!” paint on earth to hide the holes in the current agenda.  I took a few minutes to ask my elected officials what they were going to do to fix it.  I expect to get no reply at all, but one must try…


We’ll just have the President Tweet that the New Budget is the best thing ever! Everyone will believe that!

Your Republican Congress is laughing at you.  Right now.  While you were all screaming about automatic weapons and Border Walls, the House snuck through a nasty bit of business.  They are giving 1.3 trillion in annual tax cuts to people making more than 1 million a year and gutting education, medicare, medicaid,  food for the hungry, and healthcare for nine million children.  They plan to use the appropriations bill to slide through the senate a sneaky de-funding of Care markets.

They will tell you it is fiscal responsibility to raise taxes on the middle class.  They will argue that they are getting the federal government out of the healthcare business.  They will accidentally forget to remember to mention that no state, such as Indiana, can suddenly find 14 billion a year to make up for the shortfalls.  They will wheel out Ditzy DeVos to tell us that private schools that score less favorably than public schools need the education dollars.  The will rush out good old “Tall Tale” Todd Rokita to cheer on how they are making America great again.

They even got the paper-towel-chucker-in-chief to roll back Obama-era Birth Control protection for women. More mean-spirited distraction in the Trumpster Fire White House.

Can you believe we live in a country in a time where a woman’s uterus is more-highly regulated than automatic weapons and silencers?

My Question for Congress is this:  Why do Americans who clearly hate the middle class want to lead the middle class?  That is a fair question.  It is because they (Congress) will still need the middle class to prop up (and fund) their crazy.

Sky-Net feels more and more reasonable all the time…


While They Thought We Were Sleeping…

In a new example of the duplicitous dismissal of the American People by their Elected Congress (a problem becoming catastrophically commonplace)  healthcare has been quietly taken away from nearly 9 million children.  We here at Cleanup on Aisle Four failed to remember to forget to plug our brains in this week, spotted it, and have weighed in with our elected officials.


No You Cannot Have Another Day. And the Wall is ~Still~ a Stupid Idea.

So my elected Congressman, Mr. Todd Rokita, published an opinion on the conservative blog site “The Hill.”  In it he champions the cause of the Great Wall of Mexico, and cites that murders by undocumented immigrants from Mexico are a scourge we need to spend 40 billion on.  He cites three very sad, real cases of these crimes as the prime driver for his opinion.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even his conservative friends in the White House who asked if we could just give them a day off before asking why Machine Guns are for sale and permissible in America.

For reference, you can find Mr. Rokita’s post here:

I did a little fact checking–as is my wont–and found a few problems.

First and foremost I grieve for the three lost souls who were murdered (cited by Mr. Rokita) and hope their friends, families, and colleagues can find peace.


In the year these three crimes occurred, there were 15,696 murders in the United States.  OK, reported murders, there were probably more.  Mr. Rokita wants us to spend 40 billion on the purported root cause of 3 out of 15,696.  Um.  What?  So to equally address all murders that means we have to spend 290 trillion.  Um.  No.  What we need to do is look at the largest root causes of all mass-shooting murders and do what Australia did.  You are not authorized to have automatic machine guns in Australia as a civilian.  At all. Want to know how many mass-shooting events they have had since collecting up the hardware?  Zero.  Also, there are no 3,000 mile walls in Australia.  There is a large fence around “Little Bitty’s Pawn Store and Cafe” in Melbourne, but I am not sure that counts.

OK, that might be a cheap shot.  China.  They built a huge wall to stop the Mongolians.  Know what it did not stop?  Yeah.  Mongolians.

That horrific episode in Las Vegas this week was perpetrated by a White American Citizen, with no history of radicalization, who procured his weaponry legally in the state of Nevada.  He checked into a hotel and opened fire–for no possibly rational reason–on 23,000 human beings who did nothing more disruptive than turn up for an outdoor concert.  58 people died and over 500 were injured by this Domestic terrorist.  Free safety hint:  Don’t hit me back with the “But it wasn’t terrorism..”  Yes it was.  An evil soul opened fire on a crowd of 23,000 people with weapons designed solely to kill thousands of people an hour. Until he opened fire, the terrorist had not committed a crime in Nevada.  Think about that.  There was absolutely nothing anyone could have done under the current array of laws to prevent Las Vegas. And a wall along the Mexican border would not have stopped this tragic event.

I like guns.  I have fired a fairly amazing array of them personally and professionally.  Here is some news you can use:  Weapons that fire 1,500 rounds per minute with 200-600 round drums are only here for one reason.  To kill a lot of people quickly.  Joe American does not need one.  At allEver.

So back to the wall.  I know, I may have appeared to forget my topic, but these matters are wildly related.  A 40 billion dollar wall is a boon for companies that build them.  It is a boon to companies selling tall ladders and tunneling equipment.  Telling me you need to build a wall to stop heroin coming into the country–when there is no actual evidence a wall will stop it–and blaming the lack of a wall on prescription opioid abuse is simply moronic.  Address the reasons people are using opioids and you will be far better positioned to reduce their presence as a negative impact in our country.

We do not need a wall.  Mr. Rokita knows this.  He is pandering to a President who cannot figure out 3.5 million Americans in Puerto Rico are, well, Americans, and deserving of national support after a cat 5 hurricane strike.  Mr. Rokita wants us to hate the people on the other side of the border and pay no attention to the $7,000.00 he took from the NRA this year–or the 3.1 *million* dollars his Vice President took from the NRA.

We need to unite as a country, repeal and replace the preposterous pariahs in Washington DC that are scamming us, and make our country safe again through sensible means.

2018 is coming.  If I were you, I’d start happening to government and stop it just happening to you.

I darned sure am.

Trickle Down Clowns Coming To Town

Sad to say, Ladies and Gentlemen, but the President came to Indiana and laid a big fat egg.  Now, to be fair, I adore an omelette as much as anyone, but this egg was way past it’s expiration date.  The Big Guy unveiled a tax plan that repeats a ridiculous Republican Strategy that has failed 7 times in the last 100 years…

Taking from the poor to give to the rich has been a recipe for failure and Party–and/or regime–change for centuries.

After failing, again, to strip healthcare from Americans who need it most, the Administration returns to their oppression tool box by starting fights with the NFL, destroying public education, and rolling out huge tax cuts for their largest campaign donors.  The President has had a busy week, no wonder he had no time to help 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico.  (I am sure the delay was not because he bilked Puerto Rico out of 34 million dollars with one of his failed property schemes.)

I sent along some thoughts to my congressional delegation.


The Art of Distraction

The great Distractor in Chief was working overtime this weekend when he started another twitter fight–this time with the entire NFL.  We can argue another time whether the kneeling thing at NFL games is really an issue, but peaceful expressions of protest and a President demanding that NFL Owners fire the (Expletive omitted) who protest created a firestorm of controversy overnight.  A lot of people got fairly irate that the President was ordering private business owners to fire employees who were conducting lawful, peaceful protests.

The firestorm was not an accident.  He meant to create it.  He probably does not care about National anthems and who sits or stands.  What the President wanted, needed even, was to get our minds off the latest episode of “Grand Theft Oxygen meets the Republican Approach to Healthcare and Tax reform.  As I have already seen Senate hopefuls Rokita and Messer weigh in on the President’s side, I took a few moments to ask my Representatives to not be distracted.