The Curious Curse of a Confused Congress

There have been some memes of wonder this week on social media that propose to ask about the addled priorities of our Republican-dominated Congress.  There are not enough cans of “Fake News!” paint on earth to hide the holes in the current agenda.  I took a few minutes to ask my elected officials what they were going to do to fix it.  I expect to get no reply at all, but one must try…


While They Thought We Were Sleeping…

In a new example of the duplicitous dismissal of the American People by their Elected Congress (a problem becoming catastrophically commonplace)  healthcare has been quietly taken away from nearly 9 million children.  We here at Cleanup on Aisle Four failed to remember to forget to plug our brains in this week, spotted it, and have weighed in with our elected officials.


Trickle Down Clowns Coming To Town

Sad to say, Ladies and Gentlemen, but the President came to Indiana and laid a big fat egg.  Now, to be fair, I adore an omelette as much as anyone, but this egg was way past it’s expiration date.  The Big Guy unveiled a tax plan that repeats a ridiculous Republican Strategy that has failed 7 times in the last 100 years…

Taking from the poor to give to the rich has been a recipe for failure and Party–and/or regime–change for centuries.

After failing, again, to strip healthcare from Americans who need it most, the Administration returns to their oppression tool box by starting fights with the NFL, destroying public education, and rolling out huge tax cuts for their largest campaign donors.  The President has had a busy week, no wonder he had no time to help 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico.  (I am sure the delay was not because he bilked Puerto Rico out of 34 million dollars with one of his failed property schemes.)

I sent along some thoughts to my congressional delegation.


The Art of Distraction

The great Distractor in Chief was working overtime this weekend when he started another twitter fight–this time with the entire NFL.  We can argue another time whether the kneeling thing at NFL games is really an issue, but peaceful expressions of protest and a President demanding that NFL Owners fire the (Expletive omitted) who protest created a firestorm of controversy overnight.  A lot of people got fairly irate that the President was ordering private business owners to fire employees who were conducting lawful, peaceful protests.

The firestorm was not an accident.  He meant to create it.  He probably does not care about National anthems and who sits or stands.  What the President wanted, needed even, was to get our minds off the latest episode of “Grand Theft Oxygen meets the Republican Approach to Healthcare and Tax reform.  As I have already seen Senate hopefuls Rokita and Messer weigh in on the President’s side, I took a few moments to ask my Representatives to not be distracted.


Did You Know?

Did you know that there is a US Congressman from Indiana running to unseat Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana?  The fellow I am referring to is Congressman Todd Rokita of the 4th Congressional District.  He is running on a campaign slogan of “Defeat the Elite.”  After a bit of researching how he has voted on key issues, I begin to wonder if he is aware that this campaign slogan portrays him as blissfully free of the ravages of intelligence.  Out of a sense of fair play, I decided to share with him some questions this morning…



Does Your Congressman Have Their Head With Them Today?

I am not sure if everyone is paying attention, but a couple of knuckle dragging Oxygen Thieves are busy trying to take away your healthcare again.  The Graham-Cassidy bill will remove outright the healthcare of around 32 million people.  It will triple the costs of healthcare for another 63 million middle class workers. This is the worst attempt yet and feels downright vindictive in the steal from the worker and pay the rich fat white guy variety.  I was less than sunny in my letters to Congress today.


The Bully-In-Chief Finally Found a Pulpit He Doesn’t Like

Well, anyone who had the DACA (Dreamers Act) in the office pool as the next cowardly conflagration to be set ablaze by the White House, go collect your winnings.  Upwards of 800,000 young men and women whose parents brought them into the country illegally by their parents have been able to continue to live here as students or working jobs because of the DACA executive action put in place during the Obama era.  To be fair it was not–and should not–be a permanent measure.  Congress should have elected to (and must now) do their jobs and address this issue.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Trump decided it is best to repeal now and replace later because that always works so well… O wait.

Given how busy congress is at the start of their new session, I sent along a few pointers today…