Did You Know?

Did you know that there is a US Congressman from Indiana running to unseat Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana?  The fellow I am referring to is Congressman Todd Rokita of the 4th Congressional District.  He is running on a campaign slogan of “Defeat the Elite.”  After a bit of researching how he has voted on key issues, I begin to wonder if he is aware that this campaign slogan portrays him as blissfully free of the ravages of intelligence.  Out of a sense of fair play, I decided to share with him some questions this morning…



Does Your Congressman Have Their Head With Them Today?

I am not sure if everyone is paying attention, but a couple of knuckle dragging Oxygen Thieves are busy trying to take away your healthcare again.  The Graham-Cassidy bill will remove outright the healthcare of around 32 million people.  It will triple the costs of healthcare for another 63 million middle class workers. This is the worst attempt yet and feels downright vindictive in the steal from the worker and pay the rich fat white guy variety.  I was less than sunny in my letters to Congress today.


The Bully-In-Chief Finally Found a Pulpit He Doesn’t Like

Well, anyone who had the DACA (Dreamers Act) in the office pool as the next cowardly conflagration to be set ablaze by the White House, go collect your winnings.  Upwards of 800,000 young men and women whose parents brought them into the country illegally by their parents have been able to continue to live here as students or working jobs because of the DACA executive action put in place during the Obama era.  To be fair it was not–and should not–be a permanent measure.  Congress should have elected to (and must now) do their jobs and address this issue.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Trump decided it is best to repeal now and replace later because that always works so well… O wait.

Given how busy congress is at the start of their new session, I sent along a few pointers today…


Five Words for Today…

Fifty one inches of Rain.

So our Intrepid Twitter in Chief took a fly-over to visit Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  Said Hurricane made landfall not that long after the Compassionate Commander in Chief made America great again by stripping federal protections against flooding in major cities.  The irony would burn if it was not for the tens of thousands flooded out of their homes and the number of lives lost.  (Spoiler alert:  Any number greater than 0 is too many.)

In ten minutes of remarks, Mr. Trump praised himself 11 times, and went on about the Crowd size.  What is really compensating for here?  These are people in need, not campaign contributions to rack up.

I sent my Congressional Delegation a note on the subject of climate change and the fact that Harvey just dumped 1.4 trillion gallons of scientific evidence of that fact on Texas.


Friday was Trash Day at the White House

Trash Day at the White House is a sleepy Friday, where late in the day controversial stories are released.  After all, who is glued to CNN on a Saturday?  OK, so these guys forgot about Social Media and web alerts, but, well, I am not claiming they have both oars in the water.

The White House got really lucky last night as there was a Hurricane keeping everyone busy. (Everyone at CleanUpOnAisleFour is praying for the safety and recovery of all persons and furry friends impacted by Hurricane harvey).

I decided it might have snuck past my members of Congress that all this was happening, so I helped them out with a quick note.  Here is the one I sent to Todd Rokita:



Quick! Someone Wake Up My Congressman…

Quick!   Someone Wake Up My Congressman…

By George L Reed, for Clean-up on Aisle Four

So the spectacle is upon us and Former FBI Director James Comey testified.  As is appropriate my Congressmen–Todd-I-am-afraid-to-meet-my-voters-Rokita–was watching.  Unfortunately he was tuned into the wrong channel on the wrong planet.  I thought I would provide helpful feedback to steer him in a more-fortunate direction.




Who needs a planet to live on anyway?

Who needs a planet to live on anyway?

By George Reed for Clean-up On Aisle Four

SO the President, in addition to twitter rants, baffling typo’s, and his daily two scoops of ice cream is expected to find time to withdraw the United States from the Paris Accords.  I registered my profound dismay at this monument to the stupidity of man by sending off some letters to my elected officials…