re we *out* of our Fire Trucking Minds?!

So This Kavanaugh rapist guy…  Looks to be confirmed by the corrupt GoP tomorrow.  He is proven to have lied, assaulted, and tantrumed before the world.  But the Government of Predators will confirm this flatulent moron…

We cannot force a win here.


We can vote.  We can change our stars.  We can destroy them with votes and candidates who believe in the sanctity of choice, sexual sovereignty, and a right to have jobs, healthcare, and opportunity.

It all starts with firing the swamp rats in the Senate.


In Indiana, we are targeting Todd–Trust funds and dark money are my friends–Young.

Time to Wake up and Retire Todd Young!

Are you tired of US Senators licking at the Dark Money Trough?  Well we are going to start firing them, one senator at a time.
Here is one in Indiana that needs to go:


Hey! I just launched a crowdfunding page called “Retire Todd Young!!!”. It is really important in these first few days to show that the campaign has supporters, so I am reaching out to a few close friends. Can I count on you to leave an endorsement and a small contribution today? Here is the link: . Thanks so much!

No, Sorry, It was not just a bad dream. Donald Trump really ~is~ the President…

No, Sorry, It was not just a bad dream.  Donald Trump really is the President…

Bad news, team, it wasn’t just a random nightmare.  It is our reality.  It is high time we start treating this as being real, not a reality TV show starring a loud, abrasive, misogynistic nut case.  We are stuck with this orange faced scarlet, stuffed popinjay as the leader of the free world.

Donald Trump is our president and we are going to have to deal with that reality.  He hates his staff, he hates his wife, he hates America and he hates Americans.  What he loves is authority and praise.  Give him those and he will let you get away with all kinds of infamy.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and (more-locally) Todd Rokita.

An even more-scary guy is the Vice President. Google Mike Pence’s record of hatred as Governor of Indiana and his terms in Congress.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  (cue elevator Muzack)

See?!  You probably also found out about his failed congressional campaign where he used campaign funds to pay his mortgage and car payments.  Shining model of integrity, that one.  And let’s not even get started on his moronic attempts to use the word “freedom” in legislation to actually impose discriminatory laws on people of differing race, religion, gender, preference, and/or identity.

So how bad can this Trump presidency actually be?  Fair question!  Let’s look at some of his “accomplishments,” shall we?

  • 87 mentions via interview, speech, or twitter about the size of his coronation–oops–inauguration crowd.  Dude, Bigger DC Crowds have turned up for taco Tuesday.  Get over it.  You got the guy with the launch codes and “She” didn’t.  Enough with the over-compensating…
  • Zero Viable Tax Plans in place.
  • Zero progress against ISIS.  He was going to have a plan on day 1, then day 30, and then ISIS would be over by month 3.  We’re waiting.
  • He was going to turn over all money his businesses received from the Federal  (or foreign) governments to the Treasury.  The total is upwards of 150 million so far. Can we have it now, please?
  • He was going to repeal Obama Care and give us something waaaaaaay better on day 1.  We are a bit past due and the best the Republican Congress can propose is to take healthcare away from 24,000,000 Americans and give coverage to zero people that do not have it today.  Good news though, the Insurance companies get massive tax breaks.
  • He was going to drain the swamp on day 1.
    • OK.  I am not law enforcement, but it does not take James Comey to see he has put nothing but zillionaires and special interests all over his cabinet.  In every case but his second NSA chief the President has installed people who directly intend to destroy whatever they have been put in charge of. Frankly, I’d be happier with the three stooges in the White House.
    • Flynn.  Wow, can we just all agree that a criminal traitor is probably not the best choice for the head of National Security?  He was fired in 2014 for integrity and dignity issues and had his clearances yanked.  Do we surmise that he was born again to truth, justice, and the American way in the following 2 years?
    • Comey.  OK the guy is a bit of a show boat, but he works in a job once held by J Edgar Hoover.  Sometimes it is the job that makes the crazy.  Still, he finally got after this whole Russian interference and graft thing and suddenly is fired “for being mean to Hillary Clinton” Really? As previously reported on this Blog, 10 different White House Officials gave 13 different reasons for the firing and the President tossed them all into the wood-chipper at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by admitting he fired Comey because he refused to end the Russian investigation.  Obstruction of Justice, much?
    • The Loveable Kushner family.  Soooo…  The President’s son in law has a sister who is over in China promising immigration visa’s to anyone who invests 500K or more in the latest family real estate swindle. Emoluments aside, that is a federal crime. A bit swampish as well..
  •  The Jobs plan.  He promised the white working class in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan that he would bring millions of jobs back to those hard working states.  If he could do it, that would be great.  Even as a strong critic of his techniques, I would praise that.  But he didn’t deliver.  So far his jobs plan is to give his family and friends jobs in the West Wing and the Cabinet.
  • Making the Hulk (and other crazies) Angry.  What in the world is going on with Trump and Tillerson going out of their way to offend, well, everyone.  Every press conference with a foreign dignitary is a massive embarrassment for the dignitary and our country.  Russia is distancing from the US, China just made a huge trade deal with practically everyone but the US, North Korea is launching ballistic missiles monthly–and they are starting to work.  The UK is shaking its collective Brexiting head, Germany isn’t taking calls, and this week the Trumpster fire goes on the road to offend the entire middle east in one shot.  Heck, the only visit that went well for Trump was Israel, and then the Tantrum in Chief gave Israeli intel on ISIS to the Russians in that meeting where he let the Soviet…erm..Russian Press in the Oval Office but no American Press.

Yeah.  So, this Trump Presidency is really bad.  Congress is doing nothing about it because they have figured out that all they have to do is troop up to the White House and say “Heil Cheeto” a few times to get a free pass on anything they want. I have no confidence in our Republican Congress and we need to replace a bunch of them with Progressives who have a very simple agenda:

  • If you live here you get healthcare.  Boom.  That’s it.  One payer, one system, everyone is covered.  There is around 1.9 Trillion dollars a year in useless admin costs that vanish if we do this one thing.  We can pay for it by not giving billionaires any more tax cuts, by using Medicaid (the most efficient healthcare admin system on earth), and stopping that 500 Billion a year bomber project–yeah those bombers the air force does not want.
  • Replace every coal and oil job with a sustainable energy job.  Average wage for coal and oil workers is $24.50 an hour.  Average wage for sustainable energy workers is $33.60.  I love going to the Indianapolis airport and seeing that ocean of solar panels.  We need more.  Get Elon Musk to put Tesla batteries in every house and solar roofs on every building.
  • Climate change.  It is real.  It is non partisan.  It is and will happen.  It is not speculative, liberal science as Todd Rokita has claimed.
  • Foreign Policy.
    • Stop being the world’s policemen.
    • Stop building walls
    • Stop sending trillions overseas.  When you give away stuff for free trying to earn friendship, security, and respect, you get none of that
    • Start writing fair trade bills that encourage all economies involved to prosper.
    • Stop pissing off every country on the planet.
  • Inclusion and Equality.
    • Stop trying to make any particular religion the law of the land
    • Stop Candy coating discrimination and then pretending surprise when people immediately spot it for what it is.
    • Follow the laws of the land with regard to equality.  If you live here and are allowed to be here you will not be subject to discrimination of any kind with regard to race, religion, gender, preference, or identity.
  • Women’s health care.  Stop meddling. No group of people get to sit in a crowded, hateful room in Washington, DC., and sign away a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. Stop it now.
  • Guns.  Follow the laws of the land.  Modify them as needed.


These are fairly simple things to put on the table and discuss.  We need more discussion, not less.  We need more debate, less name-calling.  Progressives need to watch themselves against any sign we are slipping into the name-calling and hate mongering.  This America belongs to all of us, not just our particular team on any given Sunday.  We need to act like it and that includes me.  I have a reader I have specifically given permission to poke me if I slip from what I expect of others.  I’d recommend we all have that safety net and work together a collective nation to survive the Trump Nightmare™ and elect a better government–starting in November of 2018.  Who knows, maybe in 2019 we’ll get Congress members who are unafraid to meet their people….


I know, I know, crazy idea, it could never work…


217 People Announced their Retirement in 2018 Yesterday…

217 People Announced their Retirement in 2018 Yesterday…

by George L Reed II, for Clean-up on Aisle Four

Yes.  You read that correctly.  217 Member of Congress voted to take away healthcare outright from 24 million people and place another 169 million working Americans in jeopardy of coverage loss or massive increases in cost.  They all campaigned on taking care of everyone.  The bill they passed takes care of billionaires.  Imagine, if you will, my shock and surprise.

I have strong personal reasons to vigorously oppose ruining healthcare in America–another day another blog for that–but today I sent out letters to my Indiana delegation and made arrangements to contribute to every democrat opposing these 217 liars in 2018.



How to spot Fake News

We have all seen the problem recently about fake news. News that has little or no bearing on reality, that really gets the blood boiling, and helps create a belief that the world is a particular way. I know people that are *sure* that the earth is flat, there was never a moon landing and Kennedy is still alive.

There are also people who believe that any day now the truth about the politician sex trafficking ring will be revealed. And if it isn’t then it is proof that there is a conspiracy to cover it up. Do you see the trap? “I believe X, and if X is not reported in the media, it is proof that X is real.”

So, how do you tell the difference between real news and fake news…… is getting harder every day really. The very first thing to realize is that you have value. Yes, you. You are a commodity. People compete for your time and views. They do this because while you are viewing what they have written, you are also being bombarded with advertising. On Facebook, online news, newspapers, TV, magazines, everywhere…….you, your eyeballs and what they see is of value to an advertiser. Some spend millions building complex algorithms to target what might be of interest to you. Don’t believe me? Search for something you never will need on Amazon, and have never looked for before… on a few varieties of it…..’shop’ for that left handed flange wrench. In a couple of days, Facebook will start showing you ads for it, because you are more likely to want to purchase one, and you are now looking at targeted advertising. You, yes you, are a commodity, just by looking at advertising. So, with that in mind, realize that there are sites that have the sole purpose of getting you to look at the site, so they can show you ads…….those advertisers pay the site owner for views and pay even more if you click on one of the ads.

Here is the thing……if someone makes a wild story, and you go to the page to look at it you put money in the pocket of the guy who published the story. Now, if my only motivation is to get money from the advertisers, rather than inform, I have every motivation to make up anything that will get you to click on my ‘news’ site. There are a few things we can all do to verify though, and separate ourselves from the duped. Here are a few tips:

1) Look at the headline. Does the headline get your blood boiling? Either in a ‘I told you so!’ or a ‘No WAY!’ kind of way? Truth is, news is usually kinda boring. If they want your outrage, rather than your reason in the headline, ask yourself “Why?” If the intent is to sell ‘clicks’ or ‘views’ rather than inform, there is a good chance the news is not accurate.
2) Ask if the facts of the story match the headline. The same facts support both headlines: “Mother abandons child on side of road and drives off!”, and “Mothers take children to bus stop on way to work.” But only one of them sells, and if the object is to sell rather than inform…….it is probably lower on the accuracy scale.
3) Look at the website itself, the advertisers will pay the publisher for you going there, but only a few cents……look at the site…….is it riddled with ads for “Male Enhancement”, “Bigger Boobs”, “Weight Loss Miracle”? Yes? Dropping lower on the accuracy scale. Even more generic ads are suspect. Actual news sources with well researched information are independently funded, and generally don’t need ads.
4) Let’s look at the story itself, you are already here, why not……does it cite sources that don’t exist? “According to the Arizona Times, charges are pending…..”……quick google search can tell you if the ‘Arizona Times’ is real…..if it is not, and they are citing sources that don’t exist this is a full stop on legitimacy, you are being had. No matter how much you want the article to be true, it is not……full stop. Doesn’t matter how juicy the gossip/story/news is……it is not true if the ‘sources’ are made up. Trickier ones are “Police Chief Smith….” You would have to do a little more research to find out the Police Chiefs name is actually ‘Abernathy’.
5) A close second to that is ‘undisclosed sources’ say…… Be very suspicious of those. A legitimate news source will have at least one person willing to go on the record and put their name on something. Other examples are “Many people say…..” “Some people indicate…..” “Unnamed sources….” All of those people could be Mrs. Smith’s 3rd grade class for all you know…..and should be given as much weight.
6) Here is one of the trickiest ones……are there facts in the article? Read it, look for actual, verifiable facts, and then, if you want to go the extra mile……look up those facts. Does the place exist? Did the local news report on the thing happening? I saw an article claiming that an intern was murdered because they were about to reveal damaging secrets about a candidate……but the local news had no such story. There was no intern by that name. The police blotter for that area did not have a murder listed, much less the fire and additional injuries……yeah, fake news. Google can help you find actual facts. So can government sites that have tax records, property records, police blotters (the document listing all events), local news and so on. Local news is important because it is easier for someone locally to walk down and check, if they didn’t, chances are it did not happen.
7) Does the article inject motivation? If so, it drops several points on the credibility scale. They can’t know motivation……and when they use ‘motivation’ words they are tilting the reader to an opinion. “person did X *because* of Y” should be a dead giveaway. Harder to see is the push toward motivation between the lines. “Because”, “In order to”, “attempting to cause” are all ways to describe motivation. Using the example in #2 above the same facts represent two very different motivations, one is to spend time with her kids, the other is to get away from her kids. But the facts are identical. Good reporting does not provide motivation, it provides facts, and facts are verifiable.

There you have it, seven quick tips to tell truth from fiction. It is not absolute, but those few tips will get you 98% of the way there. Be informed, be educated, be in the know…..but learn fact from fiction. Basing opinion based on facts comes off way better than opinions based on fiction.